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About Us

Our Services

Hill Point Ventures, LLC

Management Service Organization, GP Entity, SPV, Capital Raises, Syndication

Hill Point Advisors, LLP

Law and M&A Advisory Firm; corporate and securities law, sell-side mergers and acquisitions, outside general counsel

Hill Point Studios

Company and product development, founder coaching, fractional executive services

Our mission

The notion of prioritizing exceptional founders over innovative concepts has become a commonplace idea in the realm of Venture Capital. However, it's important to recognize that investments ultimately revolve around the product and the company.

We challenge this conventional approach by centering our investments on the team itself. We firmly believe that a remarkable team has the potential to elevate a good idea into a resounding success. Our focus lies in transforming great teams into nothing short of exceptional ones.

Core values

At Hill Point Ventures, our greatest fulfillment comes from witnessing our founders' dreams and visions becoming tangible realities. We are committed to empowering you throughout your entrepreneurial journey and contributing to your remarkable achievements.

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